Meet your real estate partner: Knotel

Established businesses are demanding flexibility in their real estate investment: in lease terms, in speed to open, in ease of customization, and in management of their office space.
Brokers who become a strategic partner of Knotel gain early access to Knotel properties and their clients convert faster, at higher rates, and with much greater satisfaction.

Compensation Structure (US Only): Now Make Up To 50% More with Knotel!

For Agreements of 12-36 Months

Time Period Fee Payment Timing
Year 1, closed in any quarter 10% on total NEW deal volume brought in < $1M Annual upfront payment
Year 1, closed in Q4 ‘18 12% on total NEW deal volume $1M-$3M Annual upfront payment
Year 1, closed in Q4 ‘18 15% on total NEW deal volume > $3M+ Annual upfront payment
Year 2 & 3, closed in any quarter 2% Annual upfront payment

Additional Incentives:

$300 gift card for a qualified opportunity* on deal sizes of < $1M, to be paid immediately.

$500 gift card for a qualified opportunity* on deal sizes of $1M+, to be paid immediately.

*A qualified opportunity must meet the following criteria: A requirement that the client has fit and intent, and client and or broker has attended an in person meeting with a member of the Knotel sales team.


10% paid on the expansion of the first year.

Renewal Terms:

2 % upfront payment paid each year as long as the customer is on the Knotel platform.

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Get An Edge and Increase Commissions

Obtain access to properties that aren’t even on the market yet. Differentiate yourself from brokers that are just sending surveys and waiting. The best part? Your commission factors in the all-inclusive pricing, including design, buildout, and operating costs.

Close Deals at a Higher Rate

Instead of touring dozens of properties, bring Knotel into the conversation. Our agreements are flexible, and if your client’s headcount changes, so does the space. Flexible terms reduces risk for your clients, making their decision easier and the deal cycle shorter.

Delight Your Clients

We make the process easier not just for you, but we provide a better experience for your clients too. We handle design, buildout, and operating the space, reducing overhead across the board. We make it easy for your clients to get their dream office, while typically reducing total cost of ownership vs. a traditional lease.


Knotel relies on brokers to help their clients understand the value proposition of flexible terms, and determine if Knotel is an ideal option for their needs. From there, we’re with you every step of the way, and you can rely on our infrastructure to help you delight your clients. Consider us your strategic partner.
We'd love the opportunity to make an impression on your client tomorrow. The first step of our process is to have a conversation with you and learn how your client’s needs can be uniquely satisfied by Knotel. If you are in a time crunch, not to worry, our deal cycles are often accelerated and take merely weeks.
Yes. Review our commission structure here.
Though we tend to focus on short-term agreements, we are open to longer term agreements as well. We also include an additional broker commission upon renewal, regardless of the agreement length.

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