Mylittlejob: Solutions for Effective Hiring

February 21st 06:00 PM at 875-6th-Avenue 875 6th Avenue, 21st Floor, New York NY 10001

Do you consider culture and talent acquisition a top priority for your company? 

Join us this February 21st for a hands-on workshop at our Union Square location, to discuss solutions for effective hiring and cover topics such as: 

- Companies are running out of workers to hire, which is a ticking time bomb for growth. 

- Hiring good people is the #1 concern for founders, yet 46% of recruiters struggle to fill positions due to a lack of qualified candidates, which takes 52 days on average to fill up.

- Access to talent is therefore becoming increasingly limited and poor hiring decisions can be detrimental to the success of a startup.

We have figured out an interactive workshop setup to help startups get immediate access to vetted talent.


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