Montecito Mudslide Victims Fundraiser

February 24th 09:00 PM at gowanus 473 President Street, Brooklyn NY 11215

The Montecito Mudslide Victims Fundraiser is in support of the Montecito families who have lost their loved ones & homes after the January 8th mudslides that buried the small town in Southern California. All funds will be donated directly to those Montecito families who suffered the mudslide devastation. You can read more about what happened to Montecito below and how your attending the fundraiser will help these families.

On Monday night, January 8th, 2018, Montecito - a small beach town in California of about 10,000 people - had barely survived the state's largest wildfire when the hills, now barren and scorched, were hit with a historical storm. The half inch of rain that fell within minutes could not sink into the ground and instead triggered explosive torrents of mud that rushed down three of our main creeks, engulfing, breaking, destroying, drowning, burying our small community. The Montecito mudslides left 21 dead, 28 injured, 2 still missing, 119 homes destroyed, and 263 damaged. The majority of Montecito has been uninhabitable and inaccessible for the last month. Santa Barbara County Sheriff Brown described it alike to a “WWI battlefield.” Thankfully, my family evacuated from East Valley Road when the mudslides happened and we later found out our house was still standing. Although our parents have been displaced for the last month, we were lucky. Other families have lost 3 out of 5 members of their family. One family lost their two babies and many lost the head of their household. Another is still looking for their teenage son. Those are only some examples to give you an idea of the devastation.In an effort to help the Montecito community heal & recover, I am raising funds for the families who lost their loved ones & homes. All donations will be divided and distributed to the families’ GoFundMe pages and/or made out to them as checks and will help these families with the following & more (dollar estimates provided for some of these expenses):

  • - Funeral services: $8K-$10K
  • - Medical bills: $2K-$5K+
  • - Insurance bills (deductibles etc): $2K+
  • - Daily necessities (clothes, toiletries, food): $200+/day
  • - Transportation & lodging while displaced: $300+/day
  • - Mental & physical rehabilitation
  • - Finding a new home/re-building a home


  • - Starts at 9:00 pm ET
  • - Masks will be sold at the door for $10 
  • - Keys performs from 9:30-10:30pm ET
  • - Raffle gift TBA - stay tuned

So make your way to Brooklyn on 2/24, bring your fancy selves + a date, and help us raise $30K for the Montecito families! If you cannot make the event, please consider donating a suggested $20 (any amount helps!) directly through the GoFundMe page here.

Tickets are $55 per person (includes one free drink). Please click here to purchase.


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