Knotel x Propmodo: VIP Breakfast, Followed by "Managing Next Generation Connected Building Systems"

March 23rd 08:00 AM at 655 Madison Avenue - 14th Floor, New York NY 10065

Invite-only breakfast with Gary Fescine, FMA, RPA, Blackrock’s Global Head of Facilities and Business Operations, and Kristen Sterner, Knotel’s Head of Construction & Design.

This thought-provoking roundtable discussion will focus on the future of workplace strategy and building effeciency into your real estate portfolio.

We will discuss how technology innovation such as AI is changing the workplace, the delicate balance between flexibility and customization, productivity per square foot, and outsourcing versus internal portfolio management from 8:00-9:30am, followed by the event from 10am-12pm:

Unlock the power of commercial building data!

Using the latest technology, modern facilities are being connected and controlled by smart operating systems to better understand and monitor workspaces and buildings, and manage business-critical services. Integrating multiple sensors and data points into a connected environment enables system-wide analysis, decision making, and optimization. The result is a future in which anyone can unlock the power of commercial building data in order to make meaningful changes that effectively optimize space usage, communications, energy costs, comfort, and productivity. Join property professionals and tech experts to learn about the new generation of connected building systems and why it matters for building operators.

• What are the best practices for data collection and analysis for operations and maintenance?
• What are the key metrics to improve your facility operations?
• What is the Internet of Buildings and how can connected systems lead to better decisions?
• What is your building trying to tell you and how can you translate that into action?


Elizabeth Dukes from iOFFICE

John Gilbert from Rudin Management Company

Gary Fescine from BlackRock

Mike DeNamur from JLL

Courtney Porcella from AwareManager

Chukwuma Agba from Wireless Information Networks

Brendan Canny from Open Box Software

Brian Schwagerl from BSG Advisory Services

Franco Faraudo from Propmodo

Chris Parra from FMP, Inc.

Travis Barrington from Propmodo

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