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Q What is the difference between Knotel and coworking space providers?

Knotel does not provide coworking spaces. Knotel designs, builds, and operates private, customized, full-floor offices on flexible terms.

Q How does your pricing work? What does it include?

Our pricing model works like a subscription. The pricing includes all of the costs associated with finding, designing, building out, and servicing your office space: the cost of the physical space itself, furniture, workplace strategy design, branding, Wi-Fi, utilities, cleaning, and coffee. You can also upgrade this comprehensive base offering to include enhancements such as: premium furniture packages, custom IT infrastructure, bespoke build-outs, and one-of-a-kind artwork.

Q What types of companies would benefit from partnering with Knotel?

Our Agile HQ™ platform enables businesses of all sizes and tenure to be innovative and remain competitive in the market by providing a flexible alternative to the traditional 10 year real estate lease.

Q On average, how many tours are taken before a space is selected?

Thanks to an initial intake meeting that enables us to immediately narrow your search, it usually takes 1-3 tours to select the space, and a final tour with all stakeholders to finalize.

Q Do you own the property?

Knotel does not own the properties. We have agreements with property owners that allow us to provide the space to other tenants.

Q How long will it take for you to find us a space?

We can start recommending properties to you immediately after the initial intake meeting. Once you decide on a space, it typically takes 30-60 days until the space is move-in ready.

Q We need to move into a space in less than a month. Can you find us a new turnkey HQ?

On average, it takes 30-60 days for us to create your uniquely branded turnkey HQ (which is faster than every other workspace provider). However, if you are in an even greater time crunch, get in touch with us ASAP.

Q We have a very specific design vision - how will you work with us to help us achieve it?

Our in-house architecture and design team will use your company's unique identity and workplace needs to develop a strategic design catered to you. This close collaboration during the design and buildout process ensures your team walks into their dream office on day 1.

Q Can you build conference rooms if we need more?

Yes. We have a variety of solutions to ensure you have plenty of meeting space. Most of our buildout solutions are modular, and can be added or subtracted as your company changes.

Q I’m in a lease but we’re busting at the seams, paying for too much space, hate the building/location/our neighbors..etc… is there any way we can work with Knotel?

Yes, Knotel takes over leases regularly. Read http://go.knotel.com/break-your-lease.html to learn more.

Q How does Knotel work with brokers - aren’t they doing the same thing?

Knotel relies on brokers to help their clients understand the value proposition of flexible terms, and determine if Knotel is an ideal option for their needs. From there, we’re with you every step of the way, and you can rely on our infrastructure to help you delight your clients. Consider us your strategic partner.

Q Can I tour my client tomorrow?

We'd love the opportunity to make an impression on your client tomorrow. The first step of our process is to have a conversation with you and learn how your client’s needs can be uniquely satisfied by Knotel. If you are in a time crunch, not to worry, our deal cycles are often accelerated and take merely weeks.

Q Do you pay commission?

Yes. Review our commission structure here.

Q Do you only do short-term agreements (3 years or less)?

Though we tend to focus on short-term agreements, we are open to longer term agreements as well. We also include an additional broker commission upon renewal, regardless of the agreement length.

Q How do I know if my building is a good fit for Knotel?

We don’t have a one-size-fits-all mentality: our portfolio is comprised of many different types of properties and workspaces. Send us your building information and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Q Do you have a broker representing you? Can I?

We are always open to developing strategic partnerships and opportunities. Tell us more about the property you have in mind.

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