Getting your company to the next level starts with hiring the best workers possible—and doing everything within your power to convince them to stick around. It may be hard for some to believe, but millennials already make up the biggest percentage of the U.S. workforce. By 2025, it’s expected that this younger generation—those born between
In Season 2 of Mad Men, ad executive Roger Sterling is sitting alone in his cavernous office whacking a paddle ball when office manager Joan Holloway walks in to inform him that everyone outside can hear the loud thumping noises. “Nobody knows what I’m doing,” Sterling replies. “It’s good for mystique.” The average workplace has e
Head of People Operations This June marks my one year anniversary at Knotel, but the company has changed so much in that time that, in many ways, it feels like five. We’ve grown tremendously - not just in headcount, geographic footprint, or ambition of our product - but also by building a culture where people can be their most authentic selves.
Nobody’s ever signed a lease due to the exciting prospect of forking over a hefty security deposit. But for decades, security deposits simply came with the territory. If you wanted to move your company into an office, you’d have no choice but to cut the landlord a big check—in addition to paying several months’ rent up front. Generally s
As every CEO knows all too well, there are only so many hours in the day. Successful CEOs—who have a seemingly endless amount of tasks on their plate—are able to continue growing their companies in spite of time constraints because they’re able to focus on the most important issues they face. In other words, the best CEOs aren’t bogge
This week, Knotel hosted a provocative conversation with three women leaders in the New York tech world: Knotel CMO Rachel Meranus, who has twenty years of experience in the technology marketing industry; Tovah Haim, CFO of Daily Harvest; and Nicole Anasenes, CFO/COO of SquareSpace. Moderated by Knotel’s Head of Product, Sanjiv Sanghavi, the e