Listen to Amol’s fascinating chat with broker and podcaster Duke Long, known as “the most quotable person in real estate.” In Episode #196 of the aptly named “Commercial Real Estate With A Little Attitude Podcast,”  Duke and Amol chat about his journey to founding Knotel, the company’s foray into cryptocurrency, acquisition of 42Fl
A variety of factors, ranging from the personalities in the room to the location to the chairs you're sitting on, can make a meeting a disaster or a success. Here are some quick tips to making in-person meetings more productive as you explore what will work for you and your team.   Create an agenda. There's always that one person who stra
Let's be honest: Job descriptions can be incredibly indescriptive. Some tend to skew toward painfully boring, while others are way too relaxed and heavily reliant on buzzwords or internal language that renders them confusing to anybody outside of the company. How do you find that middle ground where the job comes across as informative and profe
We recently passed the halfway point of 2018, and we've begun to reflect on the various changes we've seen in hiring — and predict where recruitment may be headed. Let's look at a few key hiring trends we've noticed and explore how they may impact future hiring practices. Millennials are driving companies forward There's no denying that
Culture. Perks. Pay. Product. Work-life balance. They all matter when it comes to finding talented hires. But don’t forget one more important asset a company can leverage: location.   Unless you’re a virtual company, office location matters more now than ever before, because by planting your roots in the right spot, you’ll get far
“We have not been shy about making our voice heard,” said Knotel general counsel Amit Khanna in an interview with’s Corporate Counsel this week. He was talking about Knotel’s commitment to fostering an inclusive culture and participating in causes that we feel passionate about, like immigration, women’s rights and Net Neutrality.