Because the office is where employees spend most of their time, it's a powerful tool for keeping the brand top of mind and allowing your company’s culture to shine through. We asked the experts of the Knotel Design team (KD) for their advice on creating strong internal branding through your office space.   1. Focus on your cu
How Stash increased productivity and saved C-level time through their space. Stash is a micro-investing tool and SEC registered investment advisor that makes investing easy for anyone, regardless of their income. With 30 portfolio options and personalized guidance, Stash is creating a new generation of investors.   Stash
With sharper competition coming to market each year, it’s impossible to accurately predict what your business will look like years from now. Your landlord, however, will still require you to sign a 10-year office lease. The advantages of a long-term lease revolve around stability: a set location for an extended period of time and the secur
Because Knotel properties have tripled this year alone, our construction and design teams have quickly become experts at office transformations. The key to a great office space makeover? Getting to know the company that will be using the space. "Our team gets to know a company's aesthetic," says Chelsea Garber, Lead Designer at Knotel. "We lea
When there's pressure to grow quickly, many companies will hack their way through an expansion phase. From squeezing 50 employees into a 30-person office space to throwing new hires headfirst into a job without onboarding them, shortcuts aren't just common, but inevitable. While your company may be able to get by temporarily through shortcuts, c