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Flexible workspace
tailored to you, built for
today and tomorrow.

Knotel’s global platform makes real estate simple, flexible, and responsive; tailoring workspaces to the unique needs of established and growing companies. From space to services, we give companies the freedom and flexibility to grow and adapt to today’s ever-evolving workplace demands.

How it works

Knotel has been hard at work to develop additional digital tools that support a new hybrid workforce.

We’re excited to launch HealthyOffice, a free Knotel web application that helps you manage your office capacity, track office usage, and screen for COVID-19 symptoms.


Complexity and communication in a remote world

How Knotel helped Busuu, an AI-powered language learning platform, design, build, and move into their new workspace in the middle of COVID-19.

How is the workspace
evolving for you?

Whether you need space or need to understand what to do with the space you have, Knotel can help you plan for a safe and productive return to work. Let’s talk.